Twin Lakes Improvement Association Board Meeting

June 28, 2008  Twinlow Church Camp


The meeting was called to order by President Gregg Durkee at 11:40 am. Members present: Gregg, Angie, Ralph, Gerry, Lisa, Mark, Don, Marita, Gail, and Rick. Also present: Susie Ellis, Gene Bronson. Members absent: Karen, Marty, Steve, John,Delores.

Jamie Davis spoke to us about Lake “A” Syst. She had a copy of Lake Pend Oreille’s Management Plan. She is working with Tom Herron of DEQ.  Their goal is to help lakes with management plans to protect water quality. They can provide a workshop. They also have $$ for projects. (TLIA created a committee to work with Jamie/Tom).

The minutes of the May board meeting were read and then accepted. The treasurer’s report, as presented at the annual meeting, was accepted.   The following bills were approved:  post office box keys (Susie), sec./tres. office supplies (Susie), and food for the annual meeting (Angie).


Gregg handed out copies John Habberstad’s letter, signed by 18 people/11 families.  They are against the sediment removal project. The content of the letter was discussed at length.  Because of the widespread support of TLIA members from both lakes the committee/project will continue.  The 5 other areas of concern were discussed.  Four of these were addressed( later in this meeting )by expanding current committees and  forming new ones. The 5th concern, sewering all areas of our lakes, falls under the jurisdiction of the Twin Lakes sewer district. (TLIA helped form this public district and has  been very active in all attempts to sewer our lakes).

Planning and Zoning Committee by Angie Murray – The committee investigated the issues, informed members, and encouraged and facilitated citizen input to the county. The county is now considering  the input. They will compile and adopt a comprehensive plan. This should be complete in the near future.  Angie will write a summary of this plan for our next newsletter.

Incorporation Committee Report  by Mark Wenig.  The Idaho State Statutes on incorporation were discussed. Rathdrum cannot annex us without our consent.  Rathdrum does not have current plans to annex us (per the information gathered by Paul Matthews and presented to this committee).  This committee was made inactive until/if needed.

Gene Bronson reiterated the safety concerns he shared at the annual meeting. The area of the lake between Twin Lakes Village and Marty Frantz’s development is very narrow. With the addition of large docks in front of both developments, boating safety issues  are of great concern.  Gene would like to see this area  a no-wake zone.  Gene thought that the issue of making  the lake south of TLV/ Marty’s land a no-wake zone had been brought to the TLIA previously and TLIA had come out against it.  This issue has not been brought to TLIA before; TLIA has not taken a stand on this. (However, several of us were at the meeting where Marty had requested that Kootenai County Parks and Rec  approve a no-wake zone for this area. The Chairman, Jim Aucutt, had suggested that Marty should talk to TLIA before continuing; if he wanted a vote today, Jim felt that Parks and Waterways would  vote no.  As far as any of us knew, Marty had dropped the issue and then applied for a permit for a dock for his development).  A committee was formed to address the safety issues that Gene brought to us.


Election of Officers – The following officers were nominated and elected by a unanimous ballot.

President – Gregg Durkee        Vice President – Rick Eldenburg
Secretary – Susie Ellis             Treasurer – Lisa Wenig

Board List – Susie sent the board list around so information could be updated. Susie will e-mail copies to all the board as soon as she gets the  necessary information from absent board members.

Board Expectations – The list was handed out by Gregg.  Please read so we can discuss/amend at the next board meeting.

Committees (You will be e-mailed new committee lists) 

            1.Planning and Zoning  - Committee now inactive.

            2. Incorporation Committee-  Committee now inactive.(Add Gail Hanninen)

            3. Clean-up Committee – Rick E. appointed chair, add Angie M., Gregg D.

            4. Wood’s Tour – Ralph Schmidt, Paul Buckland

            5. Sediment Removal Committee – add Gail Hanninen, delete Mike Nelson

**6. PR/Promotion Committee (The Membership Committee was expanded to include PR/Promotion/Website)Add Angie Murray – chair, Susie Ellis, Gerry Weller, and Gail Hanninen

**7. Weed & Feed Committee (The Weeds Committee was expanded to include several of the issues in John’s letter: cattle in the lake/stream, moss development problem,  and other lake pollutant issues).  – add John Habberstad, chair, and Marita Little.

**8.  Watershed Committee (NEW committee to work with DEQ’s Fish Creek Watershed Advisory Group. They have completed a watershed assessment and  identified pollutants – including sediment, grazing/cattle, and agriculture. They have EPA approval. They have funding sources. The next step is implementation projects. Our committee will also work with Jamie Davis on prevention of lakes from erosion and stormwater run-off (Lake “A”Syst).  Chair – Ralph Schmidt, Angie Murray, Gregg Durkee, Marita Little, John Habberstad

**9. Safety/Speed Committee (NEW committee formed to deal with the issues brought to us by Gene Bronson) – Chair, Lisa Wenig, Ralph Schmidt, Gene Bronson,  John Loeffler,  Shelley Matthews, Gregg Durkee, Gail Hanninen

*** Newsletter Committee - ???

NEXT MEETING – Tuesday, October 7th, 7pm at Twinlow. Agenda items held over from today’s board meeting (due to lack of time) – Newsletter, Board Member Expectations, and Association Records.

The meeting was adjourned at 1:30 pm.

Susie Ellis, Secretary

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