Minutes of Annual Meeting, June 28, 2008 @ Twinlow Church Camp

President Gregg Durkee called the meeting to order at 9:35 am.

Speaker – Jamie Davis, Water Quality Resource Conservationist.  Jamie discussed the effects of erosion and stormwater run-off and ways to prevent the damage they cause. Her program offers workshops and certifies contractors. The workshop includes best management practices, a field experience to learn the techniques, and a certification exam.  They have a list of the 200 contractors in our area that have been certified. The list is on their website:

Speaker, Tyson Clyne, DEQ – The  Fish Creek Watershed Advisory Group Study has completed a watershed assessment (done because Fish Creek had been identified by the State of Idaho as an impaired stream).  Pollutants were identified.  Also identified were beneficial uses of the watershed and protection of the watershed. 90% of the discharge to our lakes comes from Fish Creek.( You can receive a copy of the report by calling Tyson Clyne @ 769-1422 or by visiting the DEQ website). A question was asked about the cattle in the lake/stream. Tyson said they are working on this issue.   Tyson stated that their study has been EPA approved; the next step is implementation projects.  They have several sources of possible funding.  Tom Herron, also of DEQ, said that they are going to start a watershed group of the lakes that rim the Rathdrum Prairie. He asked for reps from TLIA.

Speaker, Paul Buckland, IEP – Logging will be light this year. IEP planted a record number of trees this last year – 675,000 on 150 acres. 50,000 were in our watershed. Because of input from TLIA members, IEP changed their permit fee from $10. per person to $10. per vehicle. There is not an IEP gate on Mt. Spokane Road because the road is closed for road maintenance. There will be an IEP/TLIA woods tour in September. Paul Buckland, IEP, and Gregg Durkee, TLIA, will coordinate the tour.  Basically, there is no overnight camping on IEP land. 

A motion was made, seconded and passed, to accept the minutes of the 2007 annual meeting, as corrected. Lisa Wenig, acting treasurer, presented the treasurer’s report. Last year’s revenue was $4433.64, with about $2500. of that in the sediment removal fund. Expenses for the year were $641.69.  A motion was made, seconded, and passed, to accept the treasurer’s report.


Board Member Expectations were shared with the membership by President Gregg Durkee. Board members are expected to attend the annual meeting, to attend  all board meetings, be an active member of at least one committee, and be a support member on at least one other committee.

Election of Board Members:  Gregg Durkee, Angie Murray, Ralph Schmidt, and Rick Eldenburg were re-elected.  Lisa Wenig and Gail Hanninen were elected. All by a unanimous ballot.

Website – Susie Ellis shared the information that Sue, Dan and Chet Park, of Twin Lakes Water District #95C, have created a community website for Twin Lakes. You can access this website at  Twin Lakes Improvement Association is part of this website. Check it out. This is a work in progress. Other community organizations are encouraged to contribute.

Flotilla – Friday, July 4th, 11am. It will start at the lower end of the lower lake.

Gene Bronson – Shared memories of his 54 years at Twin Lakes and complimented Gregg on his job as president of the association. Gene’s concern was of the safety issues caused by the 2 large docks (TLV’s and Marty’s) at that very narrow part of the lake. Add boats and alcohol. Gene moved that this area, and south of there, be made a no-wake zone. After discussion, this was seconded. The option of limiting dock size was also discussed. Gene’s motion was amended to refer this matter to the Board so they could form a committee to investigate the safety issues and possible solutions. The amended motion was seconded and passed.

Grant Smith –  is concerned about the increased number of power outages. We can expect an increase in weather events and the cost of running gas generators to increase. He has talked to Kootenai Electric Coop about burying our power lines and the costs involved. When there are power outages, KEC repairs more populated areas first. Leaving us, literally, out in the cold longer. Grant requested that TLIA form an exploratory committee to propose a pilot program  to KEC. The pilot program would be to bury  the power lines in a rural treed area (Twin L:akes). The board will discuss this proposal.


Sediment Removal Committee – Chairperson Don Ellis reported that the 8-member committee has been working on acquiring the necessary permits to remove some of the sediment from the narrowest 210’ of the channel. The initial application was denied because the new Department of Lands representative wanted more information than they first requested.  Letters have been sent to Governor Otter and the Department of Lands. The responses have been somewhat encouraging. We are waiting further communication from the Department of Lands. The committee will continue to work on this project.

Planning and Zoning Committee – Chairperson Angie Murray reported that the committee investigated the issues, informed members, and encouraged and facilitated citizen input to the county. The county is now considering  the input. They will compile and adopt a comprehensive plan. The County Commissioners will consider adoption of the plan by November or December.  A question was asked about the buffer zone regulations. Is it for all  lake dwellings/property or just new construction? Not sure, but we know they are not planning to hire new personnel this year to enforce the buffer zone requirements. Angie will write a summary of this plan for the association.

Board Meeting – There will be a Board meeting immediately following this meeting.

The meeting was adjourned at 11:50am.

Respectfully submitted,

Susie Ellis
Secretary, TLIA

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