The Flood Control District in co-operation with Water District 95C has completed the installation testing and calibration of sensor equipment and a data logging and alerting server on the recently constructed Twin Lakes Dam. The equipment is able to measure lake level of Twin Lakes, the outflow to Rathdrum Creek, and issue e-mail alerts when the outlet gate motor is operated. This has the potential to automatically notify downstream residents that a change has occured alerting them to changes in the flow levels of Rathdrum Creek. 

The instrumentation transmits telemetry from the dam location every 15 minutes using Verizon wireless. This technology augments the previous investment in the Ragged Ridge Snotel site. The Snotel site was funded in another joint venture of the Flood Control District and Water District and is managed by the NRCS (National Soil and Conservation Service). The Snotel site monitors snow pack, precipitation, snow water equivalent, and soil and air temperatures. It also transmits telemetry on an hourly basis and is important in predicting runoff and available water in the watershed.

The latest lake levels and outflows along with the snowpack data are available by going to and clicking on the Weather/Lake Data link. This allows the Water District to monitor the outflow data and lake levels remotely giving them more effective tools to keep water levels up in the lake and still distribute water efficiently to downstream water right holders.

Additionally, home owners along the lake and creek can now monitor, in near realtime, the condition of the watershed from anywhere that has internet access. This latest addition, in conjunction with the Ragged Ridge Snotel site, will be a valuable tool in the management of our precious water resource.

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