Annual Meeting

Twin Lakes Water District 95-C

May 19, 2008

Twinlow Camp, Twin Lakes, Idaho



The meeting was called to order at 7:05pm by the Chairman, Don Ellis.


16 people attended the meeting.


The minutes for the 2007 annual meeting were read.  A motion to approve the minutes was made by Susie Ellis and seconded Chet Park. The motion was carried.


Reports for 2007-2008:


            Treasurer:  Susan Park gave the financial report for 2007-2008.


Balance on hand  May 15, 2007                     $26,168.61

Balance on hand  May 15, 2008                     $31,621.66


            Revenue totaled $6,603.24. Expenses totaled $1,471.27.


Susan Park reported that our balance in checking was $5,498.43 and $26,323.43 in the Local Government Investment Pool. 


A motion was made to accept the treasurer’s report.  Motion was unanimously carried.


            Correspondence:  No correspondence was received, other than ordinary bills and statements.


            Water Master:  Dan Park, Watermaster, reported that he was not activated during the 2007 water season..


Snow Survey Repor an>t:  Gordon Stephenson reported that the SnoTel site provided measurements almost continuously. He mentioned that the NRCS produces a publication, “Idaho Water Supply Outlook Report” that summarizes this data for all the drainages in Idaho. This publication is available in print by request or on the Internet.  The current measurements at the SnoTel  site are as follows:


Snow Water Equivalent:  24.2

Snow Depth: 48.9

Year-to-Date Precipitation:  39.6


Old Business: The possible installation of flow meters for Fish Creek and Rathdrum Creek was investigated during the year and cost to install these is prohibitive.  Item was tabled until such time as these are judged to be necessary.


New Business:


Update from Flood Control:  Gordon Stephenson reported that the Flood Control District was working with Trendera Engineering to calibrate the gauges at the dam.  There was discussion of the possibility that when the calibration is complete, and the data is being accurately logged, we could install equipment to automate the transmission of data to a website, where this data could be viewed real-time.  The Flood Control District and the Water District could create a website to receive and display the data.


There was a committee formed to look into the possibility of implementing this:  Dan Park, Sue Park and Gordon Stephenson are the members of the committee.


A motion was made to provide up $1,500 in matching funds with Twin Lakes Flood Control should the committee find a feasible solution.


Muddling and Repairs: Gordon Sylte noted that this is an ongoing problem that requires annual attention. He recommended that we should continue with the same yearly budget.


Budget for 2008-2009: Dan Park presented the proposed budget for the fiscal year.  The budget was discussed and a motion was made by Susie Ellis and was seconded by Gordon Sylte, to adopt the proposed budget of $6,000 for the fiscal year, 2008-2009. Motion was carried.


Election of Officers:


Nominations were taken for the following offices:


Watermaster                           Dan Park                    

Secretary/Treasurer               Susan Park                

Vice-Chairman/President       Diane Park                 

Chairman                                Don Ellis                     


A motion was made by Gordon Sylte to nominate and seconded by Chet Park to cast a unanimous ballot for the above nominees. The motion was carried.


A motion to adjourn was made by Chuck Kinsey and seconded by Gordon Sylte.  Motion was carried.


Next meeting will be May 18, 2009.


Meeting was adjourned at 8:20 PM.





Susan Park, Secretary

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