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Annual Meeting

Twin Lakes Water District 95-C

May 18, 2009

Twinlow Camp, Twin Lakes, Idaho



The meeting was called to order at 7:02 pm by the Vice-Chairman, Diane Park.


23 people attended the meeting.


The minutes for the 2008 annual meeting were read.  A motion to approve the minutes was made by Gordon Sylte and seconded by Chet Park. The motion was unanimously carried.


Reports for 2008-2009:


tyle="margin: 0in 0in 0pt;">        Treasurer:  Susan Park gave the financial report for 2008-2009.


Balance on hand  May 15, 2008                     $31,821.86

Balance on hand  May 15, 2009                     $37,151.07


            Revenue totaled $5,934.30 Expenses totaled $1,088.42.


Susan Park reported that our balance in checking was $10,306.12 and $26,844.95 in the Local Government Investment Pool. 


A copy of the Treasurer’s report is attached to these minutes.


A motion was made by Chet Park to accept the treasurer’s report.  Motion was unanimously carried.


            Correspondence:  No correspondence was received, other than ordinary bills and statements.


            Water Master Report:  Dan Park, Watermaster, reported that he was not activated during the 2008 water season.


Old Business:


Website & Dam Instrumentation:  Dan Park reported that a website had been created during the year,, that provides information on the lake level, outflow data, weather data and other information of interest to Twin Lakes residents.  This site costs $80 per year for hosting and domain registration.  The cost is shared by the Water District and the Flood Control District.


He reported that between December, 2008 and January 2009 the Water District and the Flood Control District shared costs to purchase and install instrumentation for the dam that records and transmits the lake level and outflow data to the website. This data is sampled every second.  This data is averaged over 15 minutes and then uploaded to the website over a cellular modem connection.


The total cost for this equipment was $1,418, of which $708 was paid by the water district. Monthly costs for the cellular modem is approximately $40 per month which is also shared by the Flood Control District.


Election of Officers:


Nominations were taken for Chairman:


Dan Park nominated Don Ellis

Diane Park nominated Mike McKinlay.


Nominations were closed and votes were cast by a show of hands.  20 votes were cast for Mike McKinlay, 3 votes for Don Ellis.  Mike McKinlay was elected.


Nominations were taken for Vice-Chairman:


Diane Park was nominated by Mike McKinlay, votes were cast by a show of hands. The vote was unanimous for Diane Park.


Nominations were taken for Secretary Treasurer:< /span>


Susan Park was nominated by Gordon Sylte.  votes were cast by a show of hands. The vote was unanimous for Susan Park.


Nominations were taken for Watermaster:


Gordon made a motion that a unanimous ballot be cast for Dan Park as Watermaster.  The motion was seconded and carried. .


New Business:


Update from Flood Control:  Gordon Sylte reported that the lake is full (the lake level was 11.27)  He reported that he didn’t expect the level to get any higher and the run-off was almost over for the year.


Muddling and Repairs: Gordon Sylte noted that this is an ongoing problem that requires annual attention. He recommended that we should continue with the same yearly budget.


Budget for 2009-2010: Dan Park presented the proposed budget for the fiscal year.  The budget was discussed and a motion was made and seconded, to adopt the proposed budget of $6,400 for the fiscal year, 2009-2010. Motion was unanimously carried.  A copy of this budget is attached to these minutes.


Northern Idaho Adjudication – Presentation by Ken Knoblock, IDWR

Ken Knoblock for the Department of Water Resources presented information regarding the Northern Idaho water right adjudication.  He explained the adjudication process and answered questions from the meeting attendees.  Written information, forms and contact information were provided to meeting attendees by Mr Knoblock and the Water District.


Next meeting will be May 17, 2010.


Meeting was adjourned at 8:20 PM.




Susan Park, Secretary

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